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In 2004, Robynne Elkin, an occupational therapist, said to herself, “There has to be a better way!” She had been working in the NICU for many years and also had personal experience with infant reflux when her son, Drew was born. Robynne embarked on a mission to create a new wedge design to help alleviate orthopedic conditions caused by standard triangular shaped wedges on the market for reflux babies. A co-worker who knew of her plight introduced Robynne to Dr. Craig Troop, an anesthesiologist who had already invented an airway management device for obese patients known as the ‘Troop Elevation Pillow’. After their meeting, Robynne knew that Dr. Troop had the expertise to help design the wedge cuts necessary to achieve her goals in a prone position. Dr. Troop recruited his wife, Rozlyn a registered dietitian, who created the “nest” concept to allow these infants to rest in an orthopedically correct fashion in a back-lying position as well. After a few months of working together on many prototypes, the RES-Q Wedge was patented and is presently the only reversible developmental wedge on the market which helps to improve the orthopedic conditions associated with reflux.

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