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ResQ Wedge
ResQ Wedge
ResQ Wedge
ResQ Wedge
  • Patented and FDA Registered
  • Only reversible orthopedic infant wedge
  • FREE online professional medical consultation
  • Class 1 medical device for babies with reflux or GERD (colic)
  • Meets developmental positioning needs in the NICU and at home
  • Achieves AAP recommendation for “tummy time”
  • 35-45 degree angle for supine resting and 30 degree angle for prone position
  • Available in hospitals and rehabs; now for home use

     Finally, getting a good night’s sleep for only 65¢ a day……SOLD!!!
The first night we put our 2 month old on the wedge, she slept 6 1/2 hours…..the wedge is just life changing!


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