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RES-Q Wedge Testimonials:

I have worked in the NICU for over 15 years as a speech language pathologist and developmental therapist providing care to preemies and infants with reflux and feeding issues. The RES-Q Infant Wedge has allowed some of my patients to discharge from the hospital early because their apnea and / or bradycardia either stopped or decreased significantly when they were placed on the wedge. It has also allowed irritable babies to get into better sleep states, as they are more comfortable with the unique design of the wedge. The parents of my patients are thrilled with the RES-Q Wedge because their babies can finally sleep! I would recommend the RES-Q Infant Wedge for any baby with moderate to severe reflux.
Jennifer S. Meyer, M.A., CCC-SLP (Speech Therapist)

As a physician and a mother of triplets born at 28 weeks, I can think of no other single item that made more of an impact in my babies’ health. The wedge was instrumental in treating their apnea/bradycardia, reflux, and dysphagia. Using the RES-Q Wedge dramatically improved ALL of these symptoms. Starling Reid, MD

I have had great results with the RES-Q Infant Wedge and the feedback has only been positive. David J. Lozano, MD, Pulmonologist

I prefer the RES-Q Wedge to any other wedge system due to the safety, consistency of use and ease of teaching as well as overall cleanliness. There is no need for excessive time to modify the wedge by therapists. Families and staff have improved satisfaction and this is a non-surgical way of managing severe reflux while preserving healthy lungs, reducing discomfort and secondary orthopedic concerns of plagiocephaly and musculoskeletal complications. C. Gliniak OTR/L

I am a pediatric physical therapist with 36 years of clinical experience. The RES-Q Wedge is the best product I have ever used and recommended in terms of comfort, hygiene, durability, usability and quality. I. Banks P.T.