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Five reasons to buy the RES-Q Wedge instead of other wedges on the market:

The RES-Q Wedge is the only wedge designed to address shoulder retraction and head molding problems caused by triangular shaped wedges. Both sides of the RES-Q Wedge promote a shoulders forward posture and improved head molding. A free professional medical consultation is offered with each RES-Q Wedge sold.

The RES-Q Wedge is reversible. One side is for back-lying where the infant gently rests within a nest-like structure and the flip side is for tummy-lying; similar in shape to a mother’s chest. “Back to Sleep” and “Tummy Time”, which are American Academy of Pediatric (AAP) protocols, are both possible on the RES-Q Wedge.

The RES-Q sling can be adjusted up and down the wedge incline as the baby grows so the infant is always in an optimal position on both sides of the wedge.

The RES-Q Wedge is covered in medical grade vinyl (leather- like) for easy clean-ups. The vinyl serves as a waterproof barrier to stop moisture and body fluids from penetrating the foam.

The RES-Q sling attaches by velcro within the ‘slit’ at one end of the wedge for easy change-outs or repositioning of your baby on either side of the wedge.