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  • Adjustable sling – The RES-Q Sling comes in 3 sizes. Each size can be adjusted up and down the wedge to keep the infant in an optimum position as they grow in size and weight in both prone and supine positions.

  • Double anchored sling attachment – Each sling attaches via two Velcro straps at opposite ends of the RES-Q Wedge. This attachment helps to keep the infant centered on the wedge aided by gravity. As such, the infant is highly unlikely to roll over.

  • The RES-Q Wedge is sturdy – The average weight of each RES-Q Wedge is approximately 8 lbs. This weight decreases the likelihood of the wedge moving or shifting out of place. The oversized dimensions of the wedge also limit the possibility of the infant falling off of the wedge.

  • The ‘Nest’ side of the wedge provides containment – Due to the oval shaped ‘nest’ on the supine side of the wedge, the infant is safely cradled and the sides of the oval shape help to keep the infant in one position. The ‘nest’ is designed to allow the infant’s weight to rest gently on the bottom of the oval shape, thereby staying in proper positioning aided by gravity.

  • The RES-Q Wedge is made of medical grade vinyl – The wedge is fire retardant, anti-static, lead free, phthalate free and very easy to wash and disinfect for the general health of the baby. The sling is 100% cotton and fully machine washable.