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Top Side of the Wedge
Prone (tummy) Position...rounded "top" helps to decrease hyperextension of the infants neck...arched surface encourages shoulder rounding. Daily "tummy time" is now available in an upright position.

Wedge Flipped over to 'Nest Side'
The RES-Q Infant Wedge is reversible (two sides); the 'nest' side allows infant to be positioned on their back while maintaining a comfortable flexed/shoulders forward posture.

CAUTION: The RES-Q Infant Wedge is a medical orthopedic device. We recommend that you obtain a prescription for this product from your physician and carefully read all of the instructions before placing your baby on the wedge. Your physician may advise variations in positioning based on individual circumstances.

The RES-Q Infant Wedge/Sling is designed to allow babies 0-12 months with musculoskeletal issues associated with reflux to rest comfortably in a semi-upright position; it can be used in both supine and prone positions. The wedge is constructed at a 30° angle for tummy time and a 35 – 45 degree angle for back-lying, which is recommended to help overcome problems due to poor muscle coordination and lack of lower esophageal sphincter function. The RES-Q Infant Wedge is currently available in hospitals and for private home use. The wedge/sling allows babies to achieve a restful sleep state. Parents will also appreciate the benefits of a well rested infant. The RES-Q Infant Wedge design is unique because it developmentally enhances proper musculoskeletal alignment while providing a nest-like haven, unlike other commercial wedges. The RES-Q Sling comes in 3 sizes (small – 3 to 7 lbs.; medium – 7 to 14 lbs.; and large – 14 to 22 lbs. and will accommodate up to 25 lbs. for certain special populations). Discontinue use of the wedge if your baby starts to crawl or walk.

Determining Which Side of the Wedge to Use: Your RES-Q Wedge is reversible. Babies can sleep on their back (supine position) in the concave shaped “nest,” which is located on one side of the wedge. They can also be placed on the curved side of the wedge in a prone position for “tummy time”. Prone positioning can be used only if the infant is awake and under supervision. Prone and lateral positioning during sleep is not recommended for a healthy child due to an increased incidence of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Therefore, in most infants from birth to 12 months of age, back-lying is recommended for sleep. However, with certain medical conditions, your doctor may prescribe sleeping in a prone position as a form of treatment in a highly monitored setting.

Positioning the RES-Q Sling on the Wedge: Two vertical straps extending from the sling will attach onto Velcro placed in between the horizontal slit of the wedge. These straps can be adjusted to center your baby on either side of the wedge for comfort and safety.

Securing Your Baby in the Sling: Place your baby inside the diaper portion of the sling. The sling should be fastened with the Velcro (as snug as a diaper) under the baby’s armpits. The fasteners may overlap and adhere to the Velcro on the front of the sling to accommodate smaller babies.
  • If your baby is in the prone position (stomach), the top of the baby’s head should rest comfortably about 2-2 ½ inches from the top of the wedge, and the shoulders should fall slightly forward on the arched slope of the wedge, as if the baby were lying on their parent’s chest.
  • If your baby is in the supine position (back), the baby’s buttocks should be resting at the bottom of the nest. The baby’s head should also be inside the nest resting in a comfortable neutral position, as if in a car seat.

WARNING: It is recommended that PREMATURE INFANTS & BABIES with overall low muscle tone and poor head control NOT BE PLACED IN THE SUPINE POSITION IN THE NEST of the wedge unless under supervision at all times.

Cleaning Instructions: Hand or machine-wash your RES-Q Sling separately with soap and cold water; drip drying is recommended to maintain Velcro function; clean RES-Q Wedge vinyl with std disinfectant (hospital use), & soap and water.

Note: All products are non-returnable due to infection control reasons unless unopened.