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Reimbursement Codes (HCPCS codes):

Listed below are the diagnostic and equipment codes to provide to your insurance company.

RES-Q Wedge and Sling – diagnostic code 530.81 orthopedic code E0638 or miscellaneous code E1399

If your insurance company tells you that E1399 is too general a code, ask them if they cover the equipment under the codes E0190 for wedges and E0621 for slings. They may also require a procedure code which you will get from your physician or therapist. Most insurance companies will have you purchase the items and then download a claim form from their website to submit for reimbursement. Ask them to walk you through the process so you have no delays in receiving reimbursement. Some insurance companies will require you to purchase your items from an “in network” provider, but if you can prove to them there is not one in your area, they frequently will cover the items from an “out of network provider” (typically someone not in your city or state) as well. Please view the sample RES-Q Infant Wedge Letter of Medical Necessity on our website. If your insurance company does not cover these items, they may be covered under your pre-tax cafeteria plan (IRS Section 125)