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The RES-Q Infant Wedge is the first reversible (there are two sides) and orthopedically designed wedge to address musculoskeletal issues associated with reflux for infants birth through 12 month of age. It is designed to allow babies with gastro-esophageal reflux disease, sleep disturbances, ear and sinus infections, brachial plexus stretch injuries as well as pulmonary problems to rest comfortably in a semi-upright position. The wedge is used for sleeping and playtime in tummy and back-lying positions. Premature infants weighing up to 6 1/2 pounds can also be placed in a side-lying position. The tummy-lying side of the wedge has a 30 degree angle while the back-lying side of the wedge ranges from 35-45 degrees depending on the height and weight of the infant. Both sides of the wedge promote proper shoulder protraction.

One side of the wedge is designed like mom’s chest and has a curvilinear arch where babies rest in a tummy position or if premature, swaddled in side-lying. The other side of the wedge has a built-in ‘nest’ for boundaries and containment, and provides good head molding for infants sleeping on their backs. The RES-Q Sling attaches to the wedge by velcro within a slit at one end and moves up and down the incline to meet the comfort of each infant. For extra security, infants may be swaddled to the sling on either side of the wedge. Please talk to your physician about which position your baby should sleep in. Most babies should adhere to the SIDS guidelines or “back to sleep” protocol. However, some babies are required by their physicians to sleep on their stomachs secondary to specific medical conditions.

The RES-Q Wedge and Sling is covered by most insurance companies as well as medicaid with the use of proper DME Codes, a doctor’s prescription and a letter of medical necessity from your physician. (Click here for further information on reimbursement codes). DME companies are available to order, ship and bill for the RES-Q Wedge if needed. For more information on DME Companies we are partnering with, click on Affiliates in the side bar. Please contact Rozlyn in our business office if you have any further questions.